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Ganser Company has been serving the Greater Dane County area since 1939. Serving Madison, Monona, McFarland, Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton, Sun Prairie, and surrounding areas for all kitchen, bathrooms, basements, additions, roofing, siding, windows, repairs small and large and any other remodeling projects you're looking at starting.

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What are your hours? Will you do appointments in the evenings or on the weekends?

Our office/showroom hours are Monday - Friday: 8 to 5 and Saturday: 9 to 2. Our office/showroom is closed every Saturday from November to March. We schedule evening and Saturday in-home estimates year-round providing ample sunlight for certain exterior projects or products.

Can I just get a price over the phone?

Since there are so many variables that go into determining the price of re-roofing, re-siding, new windows or a kitchen remodel on your home or building, we will not offer any type of estimate without visiting your home or building first. A phone estimate would be neither accurate nor helpful.

I need an estimate for a repair. Can you do that?

No, estimates are not given for repairs; estimates are only given for homes that need re-roofing or re-siding. All of our repairs are completed on a time and materials basis.

Do you charge for estimates? Do I have to be there for the estimate?

Estimates are FREE. Yes, we feel it is very important for you to meet with our estimator. As you know, re-roofing, re-siding, new windows, or any remodeling project for your home is an investment not to be taken lightly. With so many options, styles, etc. available – without you present, we wouldn’t be able to provide you with an accurate estimate. We also want you to be sure that you are comfortable entrusting us with the responsibility of making your family's home more secure.

What are the methods of payment?

Cash, Check, or Credit Card. Financing available upon approval.

My contractor just started working on my roof and it's the middle of winter! At what temperature is it too cold to install asphalt shingles?

There are no specific temperature guidelines regarding when it is too cold to install asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles do become brittle in cold temperatures, with fiberglass shingles more likely to break than organic shingles. Breakage can be minimized or eliminated if the shingles are stored in a warm area and loaded onto the roof a few bundles at a time. Another concern is that the self-sealing strips will not seal or bond sufficiently in cold temperatures. Hand-tabbing (the application of quarter-size dabs of adhesive to the underside of shingles) is recommended if the building is located in an area prone to high winds. This will help prevent the shingles from blowing off the roof until warmer weather arrives and the sealing strips can set properly.

My contractor suggested installing a ridge vent on my roof and I already have two single static vents. Do I really need a ridge vent?

NRCA suggests the amount of attic ventilation be balanced between the eaves and ridge. The intent of a balanced ventilation system is to provide nearly equivalent amounts of ventilation area at the eave/soffit and at or near the ridge. For a balanced ventilation system to function properly, approximately one-half of the ventilation area must be at or near the ridge.

Proper attic ventilation is one of the least understood concepts in residential roofing. To learn more, read "Principles of Attic Ventilation" an article by Mark Graham, NRCA Associate Executive Director of Technical Services, that appeared in NRCA's magazine, Professional Roofing or see Technical Bulletin 98-2.

My house has a flat roof. What is the best roof system for a flat roof?

There is no one roof system that is best for all applications. Keep in mind that even if you are using the best materials, your roof system still can be installed improperly and you could end up with a leaky roof. Good workmanship and proper attention to detail (e.g., flashing and drainage issues) are just as important as material selection. Also, maintenance plays an important role in roof system integrity and service life.

Also, keep in mind low-slope roofing materials manufacturers may not offer material warranties to homeowners. The only warranty you most likely will be able to obtain is from the contractor. So it is critical you work with a professional roofing contractor and get a detailed, thorough proposal.

Q. How can ice dams be reduced or removed?

Call a professional roofing contractor to remove snow or ice off of your roof. NRCA does not recommend using ice picks or shovels (or any tool with sharp edges) because there is a chance of damaging roof coverings and flashings and could also void your existing roof warranty. NRCA also does not recommend hosing down a roof with water or use of a hot air gun. Electric heat cables generally have limited effectiveness.

Can ice damming and backup occur without gutters?

Yes and it is more probable for roofs with lower slopes, especially in valleys and upslope from curbs, chimneys and penetrations.

I want to use melting pellets to melt the snow on my roof. Will it harm the asphalt shingles?

Generally, chemical melting compounds do not reduce the overall expected service life span of asphalt shingles. Staining may occur until all the residue is washed away. Calcium or magnesium chloride pellets are less harsh and stain less than sodium chloride.


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