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Every homeowner wants a certain amount of sunlight to enter their homes, not just because of the ambiance it brings but also because it can help reduce your monthly energy costs. After all, natural light can lessen your reliance on artificial lighting. To accomplish this, homeowners tend to install skylights or solar tubes on their homes. But what exactly is it that sets these two apart from one another?

In this article, Ganser Company reveals what are the differences of skylights to solar tubes.


In terms of installation, homeowners will come to realize that skylights are more difficult to install compared to solar tubes. This is because it requires more carpentry work as one rafter will have to be cut, requiring the rafters around it to be doubled. Solar tubes, on the other hand, are easier to install as it only takes as little as a few hours to add to your home.

Energy Efficiency

Both skylights and solar tubes can help you make your home more energy efficient than before. However, between the two, solar tubes have more energy efficiency as light is captured and diffused into your home as opposed to the direct sunlight offered by skylights. Apart from that, solar tubes don’t allow unwanted heat gain compared to skylights.

UV Rays

Once again, both fixtures can cut down the amount of UV rays that enter your home. After all, skylights can be filtered to cut them down. However, solar tubes are more effective for this job as UV rays are usually blocked by its solar dome before it enters the tube, allowing it to protect your home’s furnishings from fading.

Appearance and Views

If you’re looking to make your home more traditional, then experts recommend that you choose skylights as their appearance can add to a room’s ambiance and is an efficient way of extending the room to the outdoors. However, if you want something more non-obtrusive, consider solar tubes as they look similar to a standard light fixture.

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